Lifetime Guarantee

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Tweezerit! Guarantee

Our products are made in Europe under strict specification and carry a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against defective workmanship or materials.

In the event of such a failure we offer a no-quibble free of charge replacement providing the instrument(s) have not been abused or mis-used.

We use the finest high grade stainless steel (AISI 304-anti-magnetic) which is guaranteed not to rust, and are happy to replace any items that may fall below our excellent standards.

In 28 years we have sent less than a handful of tweezers back to the manufacturer.

Please do not submerge your tweezers in barbicide or leave in hot water for extended periods of time, as this will affect your tweezers, and will invalidate your warranty. Please read our Care Instructions carefully to ensure you look after your tweezers properly.

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