Top Tips For Eyebrows

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Here are a few of our tips for beautiful brows …


Make sure your pores are open to make hair removal easier and less painful. If possible it is best to shower before you tweeze your brows, but at the very least you should wash your brow area with a hot cloth before you start.

Where to Start:

If you have never shaped your eyebrows before, we recommend seeing a professional. That way, you will simply be tidying when you tweeze yourself rather than trying to create an eyebrow shape.

You should always try and follow the natural contours of your face when shaping your brow so that the final result looks more natural. Avoid trying to create arches that don’t exist naturally on your face.

A good tip is to draw around your eyebrows with eyeliner or concealer and then pluck to that shape.

You can add definition and shape to your brow by tweezing more at the outside than the inside of your eyebrow.

Try not to get over-enthusiastic in your middle brow area, as eyebrows that are more than 3cm apart can look odd.

How to Pluck:

Always pluck in the direction of hair growth.

Alternate brows to make sure they match.

After Tweezing:

Your brow area will be sore and possibly a bit red, so allow time for the irritation to clear before going out if possible. Many people tweezer last thing at night so they wake up with a perfect brow.

Always clean your tweezers after use and store in a dry place.

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